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Enabling businesses to build impactful products with our gold standard ESG data

Akadia is a provider of high-quality Environmental, Social and Governance data to companies that empower financial institutions with their ESG products, ratings and services. Akadia is founded by experienced Information Services professionals who are passionate about making sustainability data more open, accessible and meaningful to the world. 

Best-in-class, standardized data for your ESG products and solutions

Akadia offers a wide variety of actionable environmental, social and governance metrics standardized across a common template. In addition to our standard data product, we offer tailored data curation as a service to businesses that need bespoke ESG datasets built to power their products and solutions. Our fundamental purpose is to enable businesses committed to sustainable markets get cost-effective access to accurate, comprehensive and relevant ESG data.

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Get ESG datasets custom-curated for your specific business needs

Do you run a business that uses ESG data as an essential ingredient for your products? Get quality ESG datasets custom-curated for your specific requirements and pay only for the coverage and indicators you need. Leveraging rich industry experience and best-in-class systems, our ESG datasets are curated by expert data analysts from sustainability reports, annual reports, websites and other sources on the public domain. Our standard coverage provides access to nearly two hundred standardized metrics covering a variety of key areas.

Greenhouse Gas


Employee Health and Safety

Board Quality

Energy Use and Generation

Waste Management

Water Use and Management

Compliance and Regulation

Supply Chain

Community Engagement

Executive Compensation

Diversity and Inclusion

Key Financial Metrics


Negative Screening

Our focus extends beyond just quality data. We're committed to enabling businesses differentiate their ESG products and solutions through a set of allied offerings.

Our data is updated within a month of the data being available on the public domain. However, you choose the frequency at which you receive data feeds. Data feeds are made available on our servers or delivered to your own corporate cloud in JSON, CSV, XLSX or any other format of choice.

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Power your ESG product ambitions without worrying about data.

Talk to our team to understand how our data capabilities can help you get access to quality data and accelerate the go-to-market of your ESG products.

We're obsessed with Data Quality

Get a $20 discount for every error you find in our data. Our data quality guarantee is an expression of our confidence in our data quality.

Two sets of eyes

Every data point gets verified by two different data analysts to ensure accuracy before they reach you.

Automated error checks

Our automated system of error checks alerts our analysts to potential data discrepancies so they are fixed at source.

Quality audits

Manual, logic-based internal quality audits of our data help weed out some of the last, elusive errors in datasets.

Data error discounts are governed by our data quality guarantee program. Reach out to our team to learn more.

Our datasets are built using the best of technology

We use some of the most sophisticated and robust technologies to build datasets. Our legacy flagship data platform, the Data Console, is an all-inclusive system that comprises essential tools for our data teams to curate large volumes of quality data efficiently. Leveraging Microsoft Azure cloud capabilities, the Data Console hosts an intelligent automation system called Lucy, OCR and language translation engines, content relevance algorithms, a customizable rules-driven data quality framework, a workflow management system and numerous forms to support curation of datasets.

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Build Great Sustainability Products with our data

We offer a no-strings-attached license that lets you reuse or redistribute our data. We love watching our data power impactful sustainability products and solutions in the market.

Try our data for free

Get free-of-cost access to our ESG data of any three companies of your choice. Subscribe to an extended trial to try our data for a larger set.

Interested? Contact us and we'll get you set up in a day.

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