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Akadia is a provider of high-quality Environmental, Social and Governance data to companies that empower financial institutions with their ESG products, ratings and services. Akadia is founded by experienced Information Services professionals who are passionate about making sustainability data more open, accessible and meaningful to the world. 

Best-in-class, standardized data for your ESG products and solutions

Akadia offers a wide variety of actionable environmental, social and governance metrics standardized across a common template. In addition to our standard data product, we offer tailored data curation as a service to businesses that need bespoke ESG datasets built to power their products and solutions. One of our fundamental purposes is to enable businesses committed to sustainable markets get cost-effective access to accurate, comprehensive and relevant ESG data.

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Our ESG datasets are curated by expert data analysts from sustainability reports, annual reports, websites and other sources on the public domain. Our coverage of environmental, social and governance data provides access to nearly two hundred standardized metrics covering a variety of key areas.

Greenhouse Gas


Employee Health and Safety

Board Quality

Energy Use and Generation

Waste Management

Water Use and Management

Compliance and Regulation

Supply Chain

Community Engagement

Executive Compensation

Diversity and Inclusion

Key Financial Metrics

Bet on the quality of our data

Get a $20 discount for every error you find in our data. Obsession for quality is in our DNA. We want you to be able to bet on the accuracy of our data. Our data quality guarantee is an expression of our confidence on the accuracy of our data.

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Build Great Sustainability Products with our data

We offer a no-strings-attached license that lets you reuse or redistribute our data. We love watching our data power impactful sustainability products and solutions in the market.

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