Making public data truly public.

Akadia is founded by experienced Information Services professionals who are passionate about making public data more open, accessible and meaningful to the world. Akadia provides accurate, timely, comprehensive and relevant data collected by intelligent algorithms and carefully curated by our team.

Power your analyses with our standardized, high-quality ESG data.

Our rapidly expanding coverage of environmental, social and governance data provides access to nearly two hundred high-quality metrics standardized across a common template for S&P100 constituents (and growing).

Greenhouse Gas


Energy Use and Generation

Waste Management

Water Use and Management

Employee Health and Safety

Compliance and Regulation

Community Engagement

Diversity and Inclusion

Board Quality

Supply Chain

Executive Compensation

Key Financial Metrics

Why Akadia?

Data Quality

We leverage human intelligence to ensure the quality of our data. Our data is put through a number of quality checks and are carefully vetted by our analysts. Our data is best-in-class.


Our turnaround time for updates to data is less than five days of public filings. Our systems are designed to trigger the data curation process and alert our analysts to the availability of new data.

Data Delivery

Access our data through our API or scheduled data feeds on FTP, AWS S3 and more. We can also help integrate our data into your models on Excel so they are refreshed with just the click of a button.

Custom Curation

Our team can help you get access to data outside of our standard coverage by curating data for your specific needs. We understand that one size hardly fits all.

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